Keynote Beat


Social Media Analysis Of The Samsung Galaxy S5 Announcement

There was a lot of expectation for the Galaxy S5 unveiling. During the keynote, we were able to get a steady rate of more than a thousand tweets per minute. This report is based on 97,794 tweets collected in a 3-hour period.

Sentiment analysis

Twitter users were generally quite happy with the Galaxy S5, however, as you can see in the graph above, they were way happier before the keynote started. That means that they had higher expectations, and they might have felt a little disappointed.

It seems like the best feature announced was the addition of a fingerprint scanner in the phone.


As surprising as it may seem, the tweet with the most retweets we tracked was posted by WSJ's Joanna Stern, and it made fun of the design of the gold version and its similarity with Band-Aid.

The following most retweeted tweets were posted by Samsung official profiles.


Despite Samsung being an Android company, the keynote was quite followed by Apple users.

It is interesting the volume of tweets that were written in Spanish (not just because the keynote was hosted in Barcelona), but also because it correlates with the importance and the popularity that Samsung has in Spain.


Thanks for reading this analysis of the Samsung Galaxy S5 announcement. I hope you've enjoyed it. If you'd like me to add more metrics or something specific feel free to send me an email.